435 'A' Highway 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J4


Our Programs Include:


Music Therapy

Adaptive Physical Education


Both therapies are keyed towards improving the lives of children with exceptionalities within the Strathmore/Wheatland area.  Exceptionalities include those with physical, mental and/or emotional/social challenges that make day to day life challenging in some fashion withing the world of the neurotypical and full functioning.  We employ top therapists that have a great deal of education and experience in their respective fields in regards to dealing with these children.  We work closely with both therapists and teachers to optimize the time and needs of the children in our program.

Project H.O.P.E. was created by the mother of an exception child who saw a need that was not being fulfilled by the education programs and decided to take the initiative to fill that gap, and did so very successfully.  She has since gone on to spear head Hope Bridge Society which introduces the next chapter of therapy and other help for when these children move into adulthood.

We continue to rely on the parents, teachers and community to volunteer to make this program work.  We appreciate our therapists, teacher, volunteers and all who help to make Project H.O.P.E. a reality.